About Me

This site is a collection of all my writings and photographs pertaining to my interests in philosophy, psychology, history and nature. I am primarily a writer and teacher of Self Inquiry/Advaita Vedanta – an Indian school of Non-Dual teachings – which are a path to Moksha or Freedom from the cycle of birth, death and suffering. I maintain another site for Self Inquiry and Advaita, which is NEEV Centre for Self Inquiry.

Being an Advaitin, my introduction is going to be complex for most people. I know myself as formless Witness Consciousness: the form, which is this body-mind-intellect ‘appears’ to me (Consciousness), just like a mirage appears in a desert, or how a character appears in a dream. For those who wish to know more about this, may read my article Self-inquiry and insight into one’s true nature/Self in Advaita. By this, I am not making any claims of being unique and special. The fact in Advaita is that everyone in their essential nature is formless, immortal, Witness Consciousness. The only difference is that most are not aware of their essential nature, as they have not examined it, or do not find any motivation to examine it.

Consciousness, being non-dual/formless, is not any person, or this phenomenal world of objects. So the person who is writing this blog is part of the phenomenal world, part of the mirage that appears as the world of forms: as subjects and objects. In simple words, one may say that I appear as one of the actors in this Maya of Life. As an actor, I have my persona, my style, my virtues and vices, and my prejudices. While others take their roles seriously, I don’t; though I enjoy playing my role and enjoy the stage of this world. This blog is my performance in the world, for the world, with my acting skills: good or bad. While I reserve the site NEEV Centre for Self Inquiry for my more formal role of teaching Self Inquiry through Advaita Vedanta, I started this site to share my personal interests. Honestly speaking, the boundary between my formal role and my personal interests is not very defined. Several writings can fall in either of the catgories. However, there is a majority which can fall neatly into one of the two catgories of roles I play in this world.

Being an Indian, and a lover of Indian philosophy and culture, you may find a preponderance of India and Indian topics, at times, even a bias. Other than this, I have contrarian and anti-establishment views on almost all topics, which may disturb or enlighten the reader. I prefer being alone and authentic rather than putting on the artifice of being amicable and friendly. I know, one does not make many friends this way 🙂